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AATS specializes in conducting off-duty Law Enforcement services for Traffic Control needs throughout the state of Arizona. Our officers work for city, county or state municipalities and will enforce all local, state and federal laws whenever enforcement is needed. We ensure reliability and dependability 24/7. We offer Liability and Workman's Compensation insurance and are WBE/DBE/SBE/MBE certified.
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Traffic Control

We are committed to helping ensure the safety of your business, employees and pedestrians by providing Arizona certified police officers.

Our officers are well trained and equipped to handle all of your traffic control needs.


We provide security detail based on your business needs. All of our police officers are trained to protect your employees, deal with internal conflict and handle security breaches on business grounds. 


Hiring police officers for your event will ensure the safety of your guests, volunteers and workers. Our officers have experience in conducting crowd control and implementing safety precautions. 

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